Our tech startup expands and strengthens its presence in the global digital health & fitness industry

Meet Hyperhuman’s ever-growing integrations and partners networkEveryone knows how hard and expensive it is to produce and publish quality fitness video content at scale. At Hyperhuman we remove all these barriers by providing the tools and AI-powered technology to minimize the cost and effort of creating and offering on-demand video content.

Hyperhuman is the AI-powered video content production and delivery solution for the health & fitness industry.

Our proprietary technology automagically transforms fitness & exercise videos into fully labeled video blocks that can be reused to produce and deliver completely new full-length video workouts in minutes.

The turnkey solution includes a white-labeled consumer fitness app and a complete content production toolchain. The equally important public API is great for publishing the content in any existing apps while the export functionality of full-length videos and exercise clips is excellent for marketing and social media.

Introducing our powerful integrations and partners network

Hyperhuman is an open platform and our public API and the ever-growing integrations are essential parts of our mission to transform videos into smart content. We provide powerful integrations that enable extended publishing capabilities and enhance the content consumption with advanced data analytics, workout analysis and content recommendation for your members or content consumers.stated Bogdan Predusca, CEO & Co-founder of Hyperhuman.

Key capabilities enabled by our powerful integrations:

  • New content distribution channels and formats
  • Workout analysis using computer vision
  • Content recommendation and personalisation
  • Gamification and rewards systems
  • Advanced stats and analytics based on wearables

Our tech startup is a proud member of leading organizational networks from the digital health & fitness industry, Fittech Club (Europe) and Fitness Industry Technology Council (US).

Meet a few of our partners

Workout analysis using computer vision with Asensei

Hyperhuman x Asensei

The easiest way to add technique coaching and correction to sport and fitness products. ASENSEI weaves motion capture into sports apparel, AI into camera systems and knowledge into software so that fitness equipment, training apps and Connected Fitness products can coach and correct your customer’s movement in real-time.

Content distribution on Wix.com websites

Hyperhuman x Wix integrationWix is the global leader in website creation. Add the Hyperhuman Wix widget to your website, customize it, and publish the video workouts from Hyperhuman on your own website. We are working with the Wix team on additional distribution capabilities and touchpoints so stay tuned for more details.

Workout analytics based on biometric data from any type of wearables aggregated by RookMotion

Hyperhuman x rookmotion.com integration

RookMotion consolidates data from all wearables, generates data-driven recommendations and embeds these capabilities into our solution in order to create a customised and engaging user experience.

Workout analysis using wearable technology powered by Alive Fitness

Hyperhuman x alive.fitness integration

Create smart content at scale with Hyperhuman and take it to the next level with our new partner Alive Fitness, the AI-powered exercise analysis software with real-time movement and biometric tracking.

Videography partners

Record quality videos at top video production studios with locations across US, Canada, UK and New Zealand.Record quality videos at top video production studios with locations across US, Canada, UK and New Zealand. Discover our videography partners using this link.

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