Being in the fitness industry, we all posed the question at one point or another – “how can I make more money with my fitness content?”

And seeing as how you want to help as many people as possible with their fitness goals, but there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day or space on your calendar, it’s time to think of new ways to make more money and monetize your fitness content.

We’ll give you two main ways in which you can make more money with your fitness content and then let you know exactly how you can monetize that content.

Reach your audience through 1. social media and 2. fitness websites.

1. Start or grow your social media channels

A social media channel dedicated to your fitness content is always a good idea. Why? Because it’s an excellent way to get involved in the fitness community and make that extra money. Remember, regardless of which social media channel you choose – Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, or a combination of these – always show up where your target audience is.

And remember, social media algorithms favor videos, so you can increase your chances of reaching a higher and more engaged audience by sharing video content. In fact, video posts on social media get 48% more views.

For diversified social media posts, with Hyperhuman, you can export workout previews or exercise clips that you can regularly post to your favorite social media channels. Additionally, you can post full-length videos to your YouTube channel after our AI finishes editing your exercises. This allows you to constantly have fresh content and remain relevant in the social media space.

Furthermore, if you have a large and engaged following, fitness brands will want to reach your audience through sponsorships. That means that big brands will throw gifts, perks, and money your way to ensure you place their product in front of your followers. If you live-stream fitness classes, sponsors can pay you to create your content if you give them a shout-out during your segment.

Extra tip: don’t forget about Discord and WhatsApp when staying connected with your audience.

2. Start a fitness website (try using

The online fitness market is expected to grow 30% annually until 2026. That makes online fitness websites one of the best ways to earn more money as a trainer, yoga instructor, or fitness expert. You’re not limited to what you can offer your clients. For example, you can offer:

  • Follow-along video workouts
  • Personalized plans
  • Challenges and series
  • An exclusive community of fitness enthusiasts

Furthermore, because this is all online, you can:

  • Set your own prices
  • Increase the number of people you train
  • Work with an unlimited number of clients from anywhere in the world
  • Earn a monthly recurring income without ever needing to be present at the point of sale.

And don’t worry, regardless of what type of training you do – whether that’s strength training, cardio, barre, aerobics, HIIT, or pilates – you can create a successful online fitness website.

However, there are a couple of common pitfalls and challenges to starting an online fitness website:

  • There’s a high cost to creating content
  • Several markets experience a lack of availability of a strong internet connection

Thankfully, Hyperhuman has just the solution → limitless on-demand fitness content done in minutes with no tech or video editing skills required.

Powered by AI, Hyperhuman will turn your already- or newly-recorded videos into a reusable exercise library, allowing you to create limitless video workouts and personalized fitness plans (or programs). In turn, you’re saving money creating amazing content, while clients can enjoy your workouts and personalized plans whenever and wherever they want.

Instantly monetize your fitness content | Tips & tricks from Hyperhuman

Since Hyperhuman doesn’t currently handle payments, you have complete control over the pricing for your services and the way clients can pay you outside our platform.

For pricing:
To set your prices, start from about 50% of the in-person average price and offer two to three other tiers with more personalization and additional communication options.

Good to know:
All Hyperhuman workouts and personalized plans (or programs) have a unique link that can be shared only with specific clients. That means that you can create private workouts or personalized plans and share their links with your individual clients or groups. You can do so in our easy-to-use Club by Hyperhuman app.

What can you do with the unique link?
Your workouts and personalized plans can be hidden behind a paywall that provides the link to the workout or plan only after the client paid for it. We recommend using a payment management system like Stripe and their Payment Links option.

Furthermore, for those with a Wix website, you can add the Hyperhuman Wix workout widget from the App Market under a members-only page where you can restrict access based on a payment.

How to get noticed:
Alternatively, you can also try paid ads, but you have to be careful with this approach so you keep it consistent and don’t harm the user experience. Ads can become intrusive and there are limitations to their efficiency. For example:

  • You can get randomly demonetized , even if you meet all the ad guidelines
  • You can have content restrictions based on ad-friendly regulations
  • External events can negatively affect your ad revenue.

However, if you combine ad revenue with one of the monetization options mentioned above, your new or existing content can earn you extra money.

That’s it! Start monetizing your content today and earn more.

What next?

Discover all available features on Hyperhuman using this link and give our content platform a run. You can create a quality video workout in under 5 minutes using any existing videos.