Quality video content is hard and super expensive to produce. But there’s a new way and it’s fast, accessible and sustainable.

Hyperhuman the game-changer in fitness video production

Challenging The Status Quo

Driving positive health outcomes and, in turn, boosting customer retention are every company’s goals. Diverse on-demand video content is known to keep customers engaged, strengthens the community, and is the new norm for the frontrunners in this fast evolving industry. But how do you do it? How do you break the barrier into this tedious and resource-intensive process?

Now there is a new way of creating and publishing limitless content. What if you no longer needed to invest huge efforts and budgets for this and you would fast-track your way into an on-demand offering? This is now possible with the latest advancements in AI technology.

Hyperhuman is the revolutionary video production and delivery platform made for health & fitness to empower companies just like yours. It’s the new way for your team and external partners to produce, collaborate, review, and publish completely new video content in a unified way.

No more manual cutting, editing, mixing audio and post-producing the new video content. Create and deliver limitless on-demand fitness and workout videos in literally minutes using any existing videos.

In this short blog post we are going to show you how it works and what the benefits are of adopting this revolutionary way of producing and delivering video content.

Redefining fitness video production

With Hyperhuman you create limitless fitness content from existing videos with no additional marketing, tech or video production budget. Our proprietary AI automagically transforms your fitness & exercise videos into smart video blocks ready to be used for creating completely new video workouts for your audience.

We provide a complete content production toolchain alongside omnichannel export capabilities and a white-labeled consumer app. Our public API is great for publishing the content in any apps, while the export functionality of full-length videos and exercise clips is excellent for marketing and social media.

Hyperhuman is the game-changer in video production delivery for health & fitness.

Here’s a real-world example on how we do it

With our proprietary AI we transform fitness videos into a reusable exercise library that now can be repurposed in so many ways. Creating full-length video workouts with dynamic overlays, timers and audio guidance now takes literally minutes to build and publish.

Here are the 5 simple steps of this revolutionary process:

  1. Upload your fitness and exercise videos
  2. Let our AI transform your videos into individual exercise clips. We create a fully reusable exercise library for you.
  3. Your team creates new video content in minutes using your brand new smart exercise library.
  4. Publish the content instantly in any format or app.
  5. Forgot to add an exercise or want to adjust something on the fly? Yes you can, the content is fully customizable and updates instantly.

What do consumers get? Meet the smart content of the future.

Omnichannel fitness content created with HyperhumanYour team is instantly empowered to create the content of the future, smart workouts and exercises, ready for omnichannel delivery and to be augmented with innovative wearable technology, computer vision or machine learning for extra personalization.

What is this new type of smart content of the future?

Here are the 5 unique attributes that make your content smart and future-proof:

  • It scales.

Do you need different audio instructions for your clients around the world? Simply record your own instructions or use our text to speech and the built-in fitness voice.

  • It’s built for omnichannel delivery.

Want to promote the workout teaser or just share the workout instantly? You have access to all the formats and instant export capabilities plus an open API to publish content in your own app.

  • It’s brought to life by engaging music.

You can add any Spotify, Youtube, Amazon or Apple playlist to each of your workouts.

  • It’s diverse.

Every person has her own goals, needs and preferences. Repurposing content enables diversification, which is key for an engaged customer base and a strong community.

  • It gets augmented.

Our powerful integrations enable extended publishing capabilities and enhance the content consumption experience. Read more in our dedicated blog post.

Here’s the unique workout link for the Hyperhuman version of one of the most popular fitness videos on Youtube that we mentioned in the section above. It’s available in multiple formats ranging from interactive mobile version, follow-along video, to social media teaser and even PDF.

Ready to produce video content in the Hyperhuman way?

Hyperhuman is the revolutionary video production and delivery platform made for health & fitness


Hyperhuman is the game-changer in video production and delivery for health & fitness. It’s the fastest, easiest and most sustainable way of producing on-demand fitness and workout videos. Try it out and create a quality video workout in under 5 minutes.