A carefully planned content strategy is the number one customer retention booster and driver for positive health outcomes.

Everyone in this industry is striving to drive positive health outcomes, inspire, motivate and keep people healthy. And the number one driver for achieving this is personalization. New technologies are already enabling highly engaging and personalized experiences fueled by the smart content provided by Hyperhuman.This uses biometric data, computer vision and even DNA data to learn, adapt and guide users through their most efficient fitness journey.

But how is personalization achieved at  a large scale? By rethinking the way all these solutions work together, exchange data and integrate in every person’s journey. Next decade will be human centered and not technology centered. 

Technology has brought solutions to almost all important problems in our lives, but especially in this industry, these are just islands in a sea of many options and opportunities. It’s time for better integrations between all these products, and more than that, to adapt them to our lives and not the other way around.

Hyperhuman is already trusted by more than 110 organizations and 4000 fitness creators on 3 continents. Based on the knowledge gathered by working closely with our clients, here are the 5 major areas that you need to think of in order to build and deliver a successful digital content strategy.

1. Define the ideal health outcomes that you want to enable for your clients

Define the ideal health outcomes

Step one is to work on the high-level profile of your target clients, their goals and the type of content that you want to offer to them. Create your ideal client profile and start from the bottom. What do clients want or need and what’s their motivation?

Then define the measurable outcomes that you want to accomplish. These should be people centered not business centered, for example: our goal is that 50% of our clients lose 10% weight in 2 months after enrolling on our platform or app. Presenting these success stories backed by numbers will boost awareness and help you acquire more clients.

Focusing and executing on one goal at a time enables you to keep track and reach it fast, keeps your team focused and your clients motivated. For a win-win situation make sure that this goal is also highly aligned with your business goals.

The upcoming gen Z is an active and health-conscious generation that grew up with technology. They are the new wave of customers that want flexibility, instant access and a high degree of personalization. Future-proof your business by designing the digital strategy to include and serve this new generation of clients. 

Make sure you understand their needs and tailor your offering to them. Turning them into loyal clients gets you business sustainability. More than this, they are always online and you can leverage their networks by turning them into the most efficient business ambassadors.

2. Work on the content structure

Work on the content structure

At Hyperhuman we enable a well structured content system. Starting from top to bottom, we first introduce the workout collections (plans) that are essential to build healthy routines and achieve positive health outcomes. This is a group of at least 2 workouts that allow creating a routine with a specific goal in mind, for example: a workout collection for runners, a workout collection to increase mobility, a collection for beginners that aim fat loss, etc.

The building blocks for any of these collections are workouts. At Hyperhuman workouts have 3 difficulty levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and up to 3 categories like strength, HIIT, mobility, endurance, etc. Try to provide options for as many categories and difficulty levels as possible, but stay focused on your target client profile and the outcomes you want to achieve.

Exercises are the starting point for any content strategy. Hyperhuman’s proprietary AI automagically transforms your fitness & exercise videos into smart video blocks ready to be used for creating completely new video workouts in literally minutes. You basically build up your exercise library with almost no effort using our game-changing platform. Upload your videos and we take care of the rest.

All the exercises from your library will have relevant metadata like muscle groups (core, legs, etc), required equipment if applicable and you can add audio instructions to guide and explain the movement.

To give you a sense of the content quantity, here’s the number of workouts that some consumer fitness apps offer:

App Number of workouts
Nike 536
Freeletics 385
Fiit 1419
Technogym 946
Equinox+ 1892
Pumatrac 139

3. Prepare the video footage

fitness content strategy

Having some quality video footage is essential. The good news is that you can actually reuse all your great existing footage with Hyperhuman. Before doing this, define the type of content you would like to offer and this will dictate the exercises needed or the ones that need to be recorded. Creating the desired number of workouts out of your new exercises will be a small effort using our game-changing content production platform.

We have 500+ public exercises in our library ranging from mobility to bodyweight and free weights clips. With 3 fitness models (2 men, 1 women) we spent about 2 days shooting them. Our 500+ public available exercises allow creating some great at home training content and also provide options for in-gym training. Here’s a list of 6 tips to record quality videos that we discussed in a previous article.

Need a location to shoot your videos? Find a partner studio in our dedicated partners page.

4. Define your communication strategy

Define your communication strategy

It’s time to introduce your content to your audience. Try to educate your audience with some great exercise tips & tricks and present their benefits rather than selling your product or service. Create a consistent communication plan with weekly newsletters and social media posts centered around educational content and success stories. Here are some additional tips & trick how to promote your business.

Do you work with influencers or brand ambassadors? Think of some agreements to use their name and a short promo video / image to promote and introduce “signature” content under your brand. For example this is how Nike did some special Cristiano Ronaldo signature workouts.

5. Create and publish fitness content the Hyperhuman way

Produce & publish video content the Hyperhuman wayTRY IT OUT

Hyperhuman is the game-changer in fitness content production and delivery. Upload your fitness videos and we take care of the rest. No more manual cutting, editing, mixing audio and post-producing videos.

Try it out and create a quality video workout in under 5 minutes.