It’s no secret that creating and offering world-class fitness video content is costly, inefficient, and complex, especially when done at scale. And as the digital fitness boom is ever-growing and here to stay, there has been a massive increase in demand for quality online content. Not to mention that fitness consumers expect top-class content from their fitness providers and are unwilling to settle for anything less.

Having said this, the industry needs smart solutions and automated processes that reduce the inefficiency, complexity, and associated costs of creating and publishing quality fitness video content at scale.

If not addressed, it can become extremely difficult to provide the right context and digital content your audience needs to stay active and engaged.

But how do you offer top-class fitness content that satisfies the needs of your diverse digital audience? You must give your clients the freedom, options, and personalization they require.

That’s why at Hyperhuman, we have a mission. Our mission is to make the world’s health and fitness video content universally accessible, reusable, and profitable. Our AI-powered platform is specifically designed for the fitness industry, ultimately streamlining the cost and effort of creating and delivering consistent, quality content at scale.

Introducing: the Hyperhuman API

The newly introduced API makes on-demand fitness instantly available for any apps or digital products. 

The new API allows your organization to publish your own content or access a constant feed of curated content from a global network of fitness creators. This content can then be instantly delivered to your personal app or device. 

“Our API closes the gap between content creation and delivery. With the Hyperhuman API, organizations can offer interactive on-demand fitness experiences in their own apps or digital products. Our goal is to make this a plug & play process and get you started with only a few lines of code.” said Bogdan Predusca, Hyperhuman CEO & Co-founder.

Organizations will have full access to any necessary resources and full control over how they share their content, making each experience they offer completely personalized.

The API provides organizations with the tools to make any newly-created workouts available instantly. Additionally, it gives access to the data your team of fitness experts needs to understand what’s working, what’s not working, and what content needs tweaks. This makes it really easy for your team to create more personalized exercise plans for clients, adjusted for each person’s desired results and physical limitations, and the ability to deliver the content on the client’s preferred device.

Remember, almost 50% of those who begin a fitness program drop it after six months. This is usually due to a lack of time, motivation, or a combination of the two. But what if fitness experts could stimulate clients to increase their fitness and physical activities?

With the API, your team of fitness experts offers on-demand, personalized fitness content on any type of app or digital product, from the web to mobile to connected devices (smartwatches, smart TVs, and other connected hardware). Even if your team doesn’t have or want to produce their own content, you have access to a constant feed of curated content so you can still offer clients an amazing fitness experience. That makes it easier than ever for clients to connect to any device and work out when and where it’s convenient for them.

Having your own app with amazing content for your clients is as easy as getting a new website done. So let’s mention some main benefits of using the Hyperhuman API:

  • It’s a plug-and-play process – you can get started with a few lines of code (really!)
  • Access to curated content – you have access to Hyperhuman’s vast curated content library, or you can create your own
  • Reduced cost and complexity – you don’t have to worry about the high costs of creating and offering world-class fitness video content because everything is streamlined
  • Instant delivery of your content – you have one-click publishing of your own fitness content created on Hyperhuman

Access to the API is available with a paid subscription plan for teams. Besides access to the API, the paid plan (separate from Hyperhuman’s subscription plans) enables organizations to onboard unlimited team members who can collaborate and create quality content effortlessly. See more information about pricing plans here.

“Content is king in this industry. We take on-demand fitness to the next level and provide an AI-powered ecosystem that allows creating and delivering smart video content at the highest level of personalization and interactivity. Fitness Video Content 2.0 is made possible with Hyperhuman.” added Bogdan.

What’s more, Hyperhuman expanded and is now trusted by thousands of fitness professionals and hundreds of businesses on three continents. This all happened in less than ten months since we launched the first version of our platform.

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See how you can use our Hyperhuman API

We already use our API to deliver the content created with Hyperhuman Studio on the below platforms and in different formats. You can deliver your content on similar platforms!

  • The free Hyperhuman Club app, where trainees enjoy world-class training content provided by their own trainers. The app can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, benefiting those who are on the go.

On-demand fitness apps allow clients to set fitness goals, make lifestyle changes, and be more mindful of their health. Apps can range from wellness or nutrition apps to consumer fitness, or trainer apps. They benefit trainers, consumer fitness enthusiasts, and more.

These on-demand apps can help clients keep track of whatever objectives they want – the distance they cover, calorie intake, meal patterns, daily fitness progress, etc. When a client feels that your app tends to all their health and fitness needs and objectives, they’ll keep coming back time and time again (goodbye, six-month drop-offs!). Remember, personalization is key, and thanks to the Hyperhuman API, you can offer exactly that.

  • Wearable app, allows fitness enthusiasts to enjoy a great workout experience on their wrists.

If clients are on the go a lot and don’t have time to constantly check other devices, wearable tech presents a critical advantage, providing each individual with significant data sources wherever they are – outdoors, at the gym, while traveling, etc. Wearable devices provide real-time, accurate, and raw data, with the possibility of being worn on the wrist, chest, or arm. So it probably comes as no surprise that wearable tech is the number one fitness trend this year.

Clients can easily keep track of their progress with one click or a small movement of their arm or wrist, helping themselves and your team of fitness experts streamline the entire fitness journey. And they don’t even need their phone or tablet!

Heart rate, step count, and consumed calories are just a few examples of the metrics wearable tech can help clients track while they work toward their fitness goals. Your team of experts can then recommend improvements based on these metrics and deliver them straight to the wearable device.

Thankfully, with our Hyperhuman API, integrating your client’s favorite workouts on wearable devices became that much simpler.

Hyperhuman Fitbit App

  • The Hyperhuman Wix widget, enables users to instantly publish their video workouts on Wix websites.

Your team of fitness experts can go one step further for your business or organization by delivering your content on the web. Clients can then access their favorite exercises whenever they have the time and from whichever device they choose.

Offering on-demand fitness content on a Wix website is a breeze. You can place the customized content behind a paywall or “members” section (which creates new revenue sources based on the content you create), you can seamlessly sync and update with the Hyperhuman content your team creates, and you can access data analytics to know what type of content works best, and much more on Wix.

Therefore, Wix is an excellent tool for small- to medium-sized businesses and organizations because of its intuitive interface and easy-to-use templates. It gives anyone the creative freedom to build their own professional website and it’s super easy to get started. Our Hyperhuman users love how easily they can integrate their exercises or short clips into their Wix website. Try it out for yourself!

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Q&A with Hyperhuman’s lead engineer, Leonard

Leonard is a highly experienced engineering expert with more than 13 years in the tech industry. He is a former co-founder of a digital software agency and tech leader in various companies.

Q: How can teams get started?
A: Access to the API requires an API key and is available with a paid subscription plan for Teams. We will also provide access via Rapid API (the world’s largest API hub with over four million developers accessing more than 40,000 APIs.), where all necessary documentation will be available soon.

Q: What are some tech specs you need us to know about the API?
A: This is a REST API with an OPENAPIV3 specification. Access will be available with an API key provided from the Rapid API dashboard. From an authentication point of view, access to various resources will be anonymous for the time being, but we’re planning on adding personalized user content with authentication via OAuth2.

Q: Are there any limitations to using the API?
A: There are subscription plans for the API – limited, unlimited, or free (where you can explore the API via Rapid API with limited requests), which are separate from Hyperhuman’s subscription plans.

Q: What are the benefits of using the Hyperhuman API?
A: The entire process of offering on-demand fitness content is streamlined. For example, users can go on our client’s app and find their personalized video workouts scheduled for a particular day. Then, during their lunch break, they find some time to do their workout. Depending on their particular fitness goals, your team of experts can further customize exercises and workouts.

Q: For whom is this API most useful?
A: Whoever wants to deliver on-demand fitness content on apps or digital products, including, but not limited to:
– Gym owners
– Small- to medium-sized fitness business owners
– Decision makers such as founders, executive teams, marketing teams, product managers, engineering leadership teams, etc.
– Website builders, corporate wellness founders, benefit providers, and gym software enthusiasts.

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