Photo created by Javi Indy —
Photo created by Javi Indy —

As in any other business, the client is king in fitness as well. The evolution of your training career and the progress of the fitness market in general are dictated by what potential clients need at this given time.

Whether you’re a newbie trainer or an experienced professional always on the lookout for the latest trends, you have to step up your game to stay relevant. Here are some valuable tips on how to bring more value to your clients today:

1. Know your clients’ needs

Before deciding on what to offer to your clients, it’s super important to listen to their needs. Refrain from making any assumptions about what they might consider as added value from your side and ask them instead. Gather feedback occasionally from your clients and make sure to listen to the hidden messages behind their actions.

Apply a little bit of psychology and human behavioural insights to find the source or your clients’ issues. This way, you will be able to truly help them unblock and achieve success instead of pushing them beyond their current capacities.

2. Deliver high quality content

Both you as a trainer and your clients cherish high quality fitness content. To properly deliver this most valuable asset, consider outsourcing the non-core activities of your job and focusing instead on using your own irreplaceable strengths at full potential. Don’t waste time or effort on tasks that can be completed by different tools or apps! Let your knowledge as a trainer shine through and invest that time and effort in improving your personalized touch on workouts.

For example, take advantage of the AI technology in our Hyperhuman Studio app to save time and energy when creating your video workouts. Plus, with this app, you don’t need to worry about video editing skills or other such technical aspects.

3. Provide the best client experience

The workouts you design are only as good as they are perceived by your clients. Keep up with those fitness apps out there and take things to the next level for your clients. Offer both high quality video workouts and the added value of yourself as a trainer, which will never be replaced by any tool or app.

To achieve this, you can introduce your clients to the Hyperhuman Club app, where they can follow the video workouts you easily created in your corresponding Hyperhuman Studio App. You can add audio guidance for your clients with our text-to-speech recognition tool, choose the duration and the number of reps for each exercise and much more. No more text-based workout routines, in the form of a short story or difficult to follow instructions, as others app tend to do.

4. Keep your clients motivated

Apps and tools are only there to enhance your abilities and help you as sidekick of the hero trainer that you already are. Nothing will ever replace the human approach of an actual coach, especially when it comes to the most difficult part of keeping any workout routine: motivation. Stay valuable to your clients with your motivational tips.

In a previous material, we gathered some useful advice to help trainers keep fitness clients motivated. We recommend you check it out if you haven’t read it already.

5. Create a successful journey

With Hyperhuman Club app, your clients experience a smooth workout journey by simply accessing a link to the video workout that you shared with them. You can lay out a progressive trajectory for your clients, with multiple workouts they can follow step by step from within the app. Your clients can then watch the video on their smartphone or cast it in on other devices. Everything they need is at their fingertips: how many reps they should do out of each exercise, what equipment to use, encouraging words throughout the breaks and voice-over guidance based on your text-to-speech instructions.

They will no longer have to fumble through a combination of various chat apps and other platforms where you provided them with different elements they need to complete their workout. Working out is hard enough so your clients don’t need a difficult experience as well. The easier and more enjoyable the collaboration with you is, the happier they will be.

We hope you found a lot of value in these ideas. If you want to learn more about how to become the best trainer that you can be, follow Hyperhuman here on Medium and register on our Hyperhuman website.