We all get caught up in details and small tasks and end up wondering “what exactly did I accomplish today?” As a fitness trainer, you might also feel this as you take care of the different aspects of your daily job by yourself: recording and editing workout videos, chatting with your clients about their progress and their goals, trying to find new clients, motivate your existing clients, explore new ways to put your content out there and more.

But are you really using your best abilities to the fullest? Imagine if you delegated all those repetitive activities that take up so much of your time and energy to an AI-powered app. You could then focus on doing what you do best: train your clients and design success journeys that help them reach their goals. You can become a better version of yourself by simply making time to improve yourself, to incorporate your clients’ feedback in your future work and come up with new content all the time.

Creating video workouts should be a hassle-free, smooth process. You shouldn’t have to worry about your video editing skills or spend precious time trying to figure out how to make your content look more professional. All you should do is take care of your clients and deliver the set of exercises that best suits each of them.

“How is this possible?” you might ask. Well, there are a bunch of tools and apps out there to help you with your daily activities, but they are not fully dedicated to fitness trainers like you. Also, they each help you with a specific area of your job, leaving you overwhelmed by the amount of different apps and tools that you have to keep track of daily. Having this exact situation in mind, we at Hyperhuman came up with a truly revolutionary app that fills the gap left on the fitness market by other tools. With our Hyperhuman app, you can rely on a sidekick to assist you in your hero trainer endeavours. You will become much more efficient if you leverage the power of AI to transform your video workouts into reusable fitness content.

Besides this, here are a few tips on what you can do to become more efficient and productive as a trainer:

Take a look at the big picture

It’s advisable to disrupt your routine from time to time and take a step back to re-assess what you are doing. This will prevent you from acting on inertia, commodity and custom. Question yourself whether you are moving towards your desired goals, whether your career is as successful as you planned it to be. Are your daily activities paying off or you just do them out of habit? They say 80% of our outcome is generated by 20% of the actions we put in. So identify those activities or tools that keep you back and invest more on those that bring you profit and success.

For example, instead of recording every single exercise of every video workout you create for your clients and share them as messages that get lost over time, you can use Hyperhuman Studio app and re-purpose your exercises by using them over and over again in an unlimited combination of new workouts.

Rely on the latest technology

Even if you become familiar with certain tools that you are using on a daily basis, it’s important to stay relevant to your clients by constantly adopting those apps and tools that transform the workout journey into a world class experience. Say goodbye to deprecated video editing tools that steal so much of your time and leverage instead the power of the latest technology. Your work will be so much easier if only you adopt the right apps that are dedicated to your niche and that were created especially for you.

Your needs as a trainer are our main priority here at Hyperhuman and every feature we included in the app is based on feedback we got from real life trainers like you. If there is an app out there that is fully personalized to your fitness training activities, why stick to old tools and apps that only cover fragments of your daily job?

Define measurable goals for your fitness career

A good way to make sure that you are productive is to set up measurable goals and milestones to your fitness career. For example, define a goal like “by this time next year I will consider myself successful if I have this many clients” or “I aim to create x amount of workouts in a week” etc. Then put together an action plan to achieve those goals and track the success of each action you make. Which activity brought you more clients? Which workout strategy made most of your clients stick with you?

Do more of what actually works and leave behind what doesn’t. This way you make sure you are not investing time and energy on things that don’t serve the purpose of achieving a successful career as a trainer. Also, when you don’t know why something worked or didn’t work, ask your clients straight away. They will be more than happy to offer useful feedback. For example, within the Hyperhuman Studio app, you have access to an insights module that shows you the success of your workouts through valuable statistics and feedback collected from your clients!

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Follow the advice you give to your clients yourself and don’t let a setback keep you away from your career goals. If you lost some clients lately or one of your workouts wasn’t appreciated by your followers, take this as an opportunity to learn and become better. Being productive and efficient is not only about what you should do, but also about what you should quit doing. Stop investing mental and physical energy on mistakes, bad luck or unfavourable circumstances. Focus on the present and on what you can do now to improve yourself. As they say, every workout starts now and you can at any time make the decision to become more fit. Same applies to your efforts towards becoming a better trainer.

Be structured and organized

Clients can sense a well put together fitness journey, with workouts that gradually take them from where they are to where they want to be. Especially when you work online with your clients, or when you use a combo of online and offline communication to train, guide and motivate your clients, it’s important to keep an organized workflow so the experience doesn’t feel disjointed to your clients.

Make sure you know exactly where each client is in their fitness journey or, if you are running fitness classes or streaming workouts online, pay attention to the way you deliver your content through the channels you use. With Hyperhuman, you can simply share a link to the video workout you created in the Hyperhuman Studio app and your clients can open it on their corresponding Hyperhuman Club app, dedicated to them. We facilitate the trainer-client relationship and help you bring more value to your trainees. Through the asynchronous communication our apps provide, your clients can receive workouts from you and they can send feedback to you anytime, anywhere, so they have no excuse to skip a workout.

Also, when creating high-quality video workouts in minutes, it’s easy to be structured and organized. No more chaos and no more errors on the way. The AI technology at the core of our app takes care of extracting separate exercises out of raw footage so you end up with a personal gallery of recordings that you can use to put together different workouts. Plus, there’s a public gallery of exercises available for you if you feel shy in front of the camera. You can add resting time in between exercises, mention the equipment your clients should use and much more.

So the next time you start engaging in a daily activity out of habit as a fitness trainer, stop for a moment and ask yourself “Is there a smarter and easier way to do this?” Yes, there is, and it’s called Hyperhuman.

Learn more about the amazing features of our app on the website and install Hyperhuman Studio app for free now to give it a try.

Happy workouts!