All heroes have little helpers in their journey towards success: a magic wand, a smart gadget or maybe a legendary sword. As a personal trainer, you sure need all the techy help you can get so you can focus on your clients’ workouts and on keeping them motivated.

What’s in your trainer toolbox at the moment? Is there something you feel like is missing? How about having a sidekick in the form of a super cool app to help you out? If you are searching for the right app to assist you in your training career, here are some essential aspects you should consider when picking the one for you:

1. Ease of use

The last thing you need when starting to use a new app for trainers is to spend hours trying to figure it out. Unfortunately, most of the apps and fitness tools out there are very intricate and require training (not the fitness kind of training) through tutorials and endless help sections before you learn how to use them. No, thank you, we don’t have time for that!

If an app is not intuitive within the first few minutes of use, it is not for you. Here at Hyperhuman we are very proud of having created an app that is straightforwarduser-friendlysimple to use, yet highly effective. Our trainers enjoy a seamless experience when they create video workouts using the app. You will never have to struggle to find a feature like you are searching for the needle in a haystack, as is the case for other apps on the market. Everything is at its place, where you expect it to be. See for yourself some examples on our Hyperhuman website.

2. Time saving

As most of the trainers we know, you probably also have little time on your hands and a very busy schedule. The best app in your kit is one that saves you time and energy. This is exactly what Hyperhuman does for you! You simply record a few reps of each exercise with your phone and the app does the rest to put together the exercises of your choice into a studio quality video workout you would otherwise spend hours creating.

We all know that time is money. Why spend hours struggling with video editing by yourself when you have an app that does that for you? Why use your physical energy to do all the workouts from scratch when you can use a library of pre-recorded exercises? Better use that time to rest, acquire new clients and improve your business.

3. High quality content creation

It’s a shame, but it’s true: most apps for trainers are simply an electronic version of something you would do offline before. They simply don’t bring any new features to the table and they don’t use the power of technology in trainers’ favour. It’s like moving your grocery shopping list from a paper to your phone. Not much improvement there.

At Hyperhuman, we leverage the innovation provided by technology and offer solutions to trainers’ most common pain points. We help you create high quality content with minimum effort, so you finally feel that there is a tool out there to cover the gaps you’ve been experiencing with other apps.

All you have to do is simply stick to doing what you do best (creating awesome workouts for your clients) while the artificial intelligence in our Hyperhuman app takes care of the rest. No high techy-techy equipment required on your side or any moviemaking skills. We offer a public library of exercises that you can use to put together studio quality video workouts. Or you can record your own exercises with your phone and end up with super qualitative workouts.

4. Personalization

While trying out multiple training apps, you probably stumbled upon hundreds of features that you don’t use. We get you! What you need is an app that is tailored to your needs with personalized features that help you improve your video workouts.

Just to mention a few examples of personalization within Hyperhuman app, you can create your own personal gallery of exercises which you can then mix and match in a multitude of video workouts. You can add audio guidance for your clients with our text-to-speech recognition tool, choose the duration and the number of reps for each exercise and much more. And the result will be delivered to your clients as a cohesive video workout, not in the form of a short story or difficult to follow text instructions, as others app tend to do.

A good app is not meant to replace the trainer but to add value and enhance their capabilities. Hyperhuman jumps in at the right moment, taking over tasks that you as a trainer don’t want, don’t know or don’t have time to do by yourself.

5. Communication

Two questions that are very often raised by trainers are “How do I keep my clients engaged and motivated?” and “How do I get more new clients?”. Well, the answer to both of these concerns is communication. You need to communicate efficiently with your existing clients as well as with your potential future clients. Hyperhuman covers both of these layers through the social elements within the app. We help you in your efforts to promote yourself through a feature that allow you to share your video workout on social media.

And… we kept the best for last! Using Hyperhuman, you can send a magic link of your video workout to your clients and it will open up on their own Hyperhuman app. That’s right, we have two versions of the app: HyperHuman Studio app — dedicated to trainers, and its corresponding Hyperhuman Club app — especially made for you clients and built at the experience level of the most downloaded fitness apps out there.

So, the next time you are asked “What is your superpower?”, you can say “Hyperhuman”. We aim to use the power of AI to the fullest by recognizing and replicating movements in different exercises so your life as a trainer becomes easier and happier.

Curious to try Hyperhuman app? Apply on our website and be one of the first trainers to gain access to these amazing features.