Having a professional online presence is becoming more and more important for personal trainers and fitness centers of all kinds, people are pre-judging you, your professionalism and your business primarily on what they see and read about you online.
Creating a professional and attractive digital presence can be difficult and time-consuming and require a set of skills you don’t necessarily have as a fitness expert.
A good online presence starts with your website, which is the current window to your business.

Today we have an exciting announcement to make: we are releasing a widget for publishing your content directly on a website.

We are constantly trying to make Hyperhuman better for you by adding new features and improving its usability. We recently introduced the ability to export the video workouts you produce anywhere with our app, we have added new exercises to our video public library and we have simplified the onboarding to our app.
Now, we have partnered with the leading website builder Wix to bring you the ability to create a full online fitness experience that takes advantage of the AI video editing capabilities of the Hyperhuman platform.

Creating an online presence for your fitness business should be easier and faster, this is why we decided to work with Wix, the platform that gives you the freedom to create, design, manage and develop your web presence exactly the way you want starting from easy to customize templets, including many dedicated to the health and fitness businesses and activities. Our Hyperhuman widget for Wix allows you to publish your full-length workout videos with dynamic timers, text overlays and audio guidance on your Wix website.

Getting started it’s easy:

1. Upload your own exercise videos or access 1000+ stock assets
Upload your videos and our AI will break them into individual clips


2. Create full-length public workouts
Use the exercises to put together unlimited number of quality video workout

3. Add the Hyperhuman widget on your site
Add the Hyperhuman widget on the site, customize how to display it and publish your changes

We also created a simple demo website that shows the results you can achieve by using our Hyperhuman widget within a Wix website, have a look at the following link.

Build and grow your online fitness business now with Hyperhuman and Wix.