So you perfected your training skills and know what your existing fitness clients want and what motivates them. Great! But now you want to know how to promote yourself as an online fitness trainer and get even more new clients. 

You may be surprised to know that many coaches struggle with this aspect of their job and find it even a little bit daunting.

Thankfully, there isn’t a complex philosophy involved; all you have to do is be confident enough to show yourself and your video workouts to the world. We’re here to help you in your coaching career, so we put together five easy-to-follow tips to increase your online visibility. 

1. Find your niche

Before promoting yourself to the world, you must clearly understand your top skills as a trainer and the category of clients that would be interested in your offering. In other words, you must find your niche. If you do this, you’ll have a leg up (get it? 😉) on the competition, and it’ll help you gain deeper knowledge about a particular field to serve your audience better. So find your niche and be where your clients need or expect you to be.

Finding your niche is easier than you think, and consists of four steps:

  1. Identifying your interests or top skills 
  2. Finding the audience aligned with your interest(s)
  3. Solving the target audience’s pain points
  4. Assessing the profitability. 

Additionally, by having a defined niche, you’ll get those clients that truly require your services and are looking to stay with you long-term because they see you as an expert. This, in turn, will keep your business stable and create a higher brand value for your online fitness business.

2. Create content and post it on social media 

Don’t be shy or afraid to make mistakes! Experiment with the type of content you create and post it to your favorite social media channels, whether that’s on YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, or Instagram. 

If you’re proud of a video workout you made, don’t overthink whether you should post it online. See how people react to it; if it works out in your favor, great; if not, try something else. What’s the worst that can happen? Either your video goes viral for the wrong reasons, or people simply ignore your post. Remember, it’s better to be visible to potential clients than hidden.

Nonetheless, create a clean and updated profile on your preferred social media channels or online platforms where you know your target audience spends time. Your clients can then easily look you up or find you online, regardless of your chosen platforms or channels. These platforms can also help you reach new clients! Often, potential clients are drawn to the trainer’s personality and charm that shines through the screens, past their social media presence. Besides being a professional, remember to be yourself, be human, and share your experience online as often as possible.

Note: with our Hyperhuman app, it’s much easier to share your video workouts with your clients and to your preferred social media channels. Stay tuned and subscribe to our website to be one of the first trainers to find out about new amazing features.

3. Offer demo sessions

How can your potential clients decide if you are the right fit for them if they don’t know what you have to offer? Show them firsthand what your workouts are all about by opening free demo sessions every so often. Let your existing clients know about these sessions so they can invite their friends to a trial class. Make sure to also promote the demo sessions to your online channels. The effort and time you put into these free classes will pay off.

A good incentive goes a long way, so make sure to offer different perks to your first-timers or special benefits to your existing clients who bring in referrals. For example, many people work out better with a training buddy, so you could offer monthly discounts or bonus training hours to clients who bring a friend.

Pro tip: have a place where clients can leave reviews and encourage them to review your workouts on their social media channels or ask their permission to feature them on your website as a case study or testimonial. Nothing is more effective at gaining new clients than a happy and satisfied existing client. In fact, 65% of your business will come from previous customers.

4. Be present in the community

A not-so-little trick to increase your visibility is to be where the action is. That means joining relevant online communities and groups. If someone is complaining online about a product or service, it’s probably the topic of a Facebook or Reddit group. Be the solution to your potential client’s problems by commenting on their posts or answering their questions. Give suggestions and show your expertise when needed.

If you’re present where your target audience is, you’ll have a better understanding of their challenges and needs. Consider adding any pertinent challenges or questions that come up in groups or forums in a FAQ section on your website (if you have one). Potential clients will see that you took the extra time to address any concerns.  

Additionally, follow specific hashtags on social media to stay updated, like #fitness, or join this fitness Wiki and hub for fitness information. Seeing what the competition is up to can’t hurt either! Follow your fellow trainers to see what they’re up to, and be one step ahead.

5. Create quality content

Let your workouts shine through high-quality video content that you can present on multiple online channels.

Achieving studio-quality videos doesn’t mean you require professional recording equipment or advanced filmmaking skills. All you need is an app to help you do the “heavy lifting.” Our Hyperhuman app does exactly that, transforming the video content you record with your phone or tablet into customized workouts for your clients. And if you find yourself in need of any other fitness app, simply take a look at these top 10 fitness apps for serious athletes

The takeaways

We hope you’ll find it easier to promote yourself online after going through these five tips.

Remember, you must:

  1. Find your niche
  2. Create content and post it on social media
  3. Offer demo sessions
  4. Be present in the community
  5. Create quality content. 

Once applied, these tips should open a new world of potential clients and help you live up to your full potential as a trainer. For more advice on becoming the best you, follow us on social media and register on our Hyperhuman website.