Client Overview & Business Challenge

*Due to non-disclosure agreement, real name was replaced with Connectedtech, which is a fictional name

In the rapidly evolving fitness industry, Connectedtech, a provider of innovative fitness hardware based on resistance cable machines, faced a significant challenge. They needed to develop a content offering centered around their machines, ensuring that their clients would be inspired to train effectively and understand how to utilize the equipment to achieve their fitness goals.

Connectedtech’s core business revolves around producing innovative fitness machines that can be installed in a compact 2-square-feet area. Their versatile product allows for a wide range of fitness exercises, making them a trailblazer in the growing trend of at-home training propelled by the pandemic.

While Connectedtech had always recognized the importance of content in driving sales and engaging their customer base, they faced challenges when it came to its creation and delivery. They soon realized that traditional video content creation methods were not only time-consuming but also financially draining, with costs reaching tens of thousands of dollars. Such expenses were simply unaffordable for a startup, impeding their ability to meet market demands promptly.


The Hyperhuman Solution

Hyperhuman provided Connectedtech with a game-changing solution. With the power of AI, the platform enabled them to create an extensive exercise library with their machine in a matter of hours, instead of days or weeks, while significantly reducing costs. 

The AI capabilities of the platform facilitated the effortless development of customized workouts and programs tailored to specific fitness goals, including strength, endurance, cardio, balance, mobility, HIIT, rehabilitation, and reconditioning. In addition, tutorials on the product’s setup for optimal performance were seamlessly integrated within the fitness programs, delivering a world-class training experience to users.


Rapid Implementation

Time to market was crucial for Connectedtech. Although their product had already been purchased by their initial customers, it was not being utilized as intended, resulting in less-than-desirable client satisfaction. Negative reviews hindered their ability to drive further sales, and Connectedtech soon recognized that the business was at risk due to potential customers lacking the necessary knowledge to effectively utilize the product and achieve their fitness goals.

Hyperhuman’s user-friendly and easy-to-embed tools expedited their implementation process. Within just 2 weeks, Connectedtech was up and running, armed with a comprehensive content library and a streamlined approach to content delivery.


Results and Impact

The transformation was remarkable. After the launch of the content library, content emerged as the driving force behind Connectedtech’s sales growth, experiencing a remarkable surge of over 30%. The personalized content not only attracted new customers but also significantly increased engagement and loyalty among existing users. In fact, current users were found to spend up to 40% more time training with Connectedtech’s gear, demonstrating the power of personalized content in driving user satisfaction and retention.

After 3 months of implementing Hyperhuman, the client experienced significant improvements in their KPIs, achieving the following results:


Before Hyperhuman

After Hyperhuman

Lead Conversion Rate



(31.5% increase)

Customer Engagement

32% active

in any given week

45% active in any given week

(40% increase)

Customer Satisfaction



(28% increase)




(31% increase)

Benefits and Achievements

The adoption of the Hyperhuman platform was a game-changer for Connectedtech’s content strategy, bringing a wide range of benefits and achievements:

  1. Accelerated Time to Market: By leveraging the platform’s AI-powered capabilities, they were able to to quickly produce and release engaging workout videos, reducing the time required to reach their target audience.
  2. Increased Lead Conversion Rate: The rich content library offered through Hyperhuman played a crucial role in driving customer purchasing decisions, resulting in a remarkable 31.5% increase in conversions.
  3. Enhanced Customer Engagement: By providing diverse workout routines, tutorials, success stories, and interactive challenges, the client experienced a substantial boost in customer engagement and retention, with an approximate 40% increase in active users.
  4. Improved Customer Satisfaction: The introduction of high-quality video content through Hyperhuman significantly contributed to an increase in customer satisfaction, with ratings rising to an impressive 4.2 out of 5.
  5. Revenue Growth: The combination of increased lead conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction levels led to surpassing the revenue targets originally set by the client.


Overall, the adoption of Hyperhuman revolutionized Connectedtech’s content strategy, enabling them to reach their audience more effectively, drive higher conversions, and cultivate stronger customer engagement and satisfaction.