​​Client Overview & Challenges

Hyperhuman’s client is a mid-sized gym chain operating in the United States.

Before adopting Hyperhuman, the client faced several challenges in their business operations. With a subscriber retention rate below the industry benchmark, they believed there was untapped potential to increase customer lifetime value by enhancing customer engagement and loyalty. Additionally, they aimed to attract new leads through a lead magnet approach by offering compelling and relevant content.

To maintain a strong connection with their clients, even when they couldn’t visit the gym in person, the client sought to offer a hybrid training solution. They already had an online presence through a mobile app and social media channels. With over 5,000 social media followers, 1,000 mobile app users, and 8,000 active subscribers in their gyms, the client aimed to provide relevant content in the form of workout programs and guidance.

The client had a four-week timeframe to integrate Hyperhuman into their operations, ensuring they didn’t miss out on the seasonal boom.


  1. Improve lead conversion rate.
  2. Enhance customer lifetime value through increased engagement and loyalty.
  3. Improve customer satisfaction


Implementation & Content Strategy

Hyperhuman, the AI-powered video creation and delivery platform, was adopted in order to accelerate content creation of high-quality workouts and easy distribution across various company channels, including their own mobile app, YouTube, and social media platforms.

The client picked a group of 4 personal trainers to work together in the platform and generate the shared workout and exercise libraries based on their needs.

The client’s content strategy included offering a variety of workouts covering different fitness categories and difficulty levels, suitable for both gym and home settings.

Initially, the trainers developed a bulk of 200 workouts, covering Strength, Cardio, HIIT, and Body & Mind exercises across three difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. These workouts were strategically grouped into programs that aligned with the average subscription lifetime, ensuring continuity and keeping subscribers engaged.

Following the bulk release, the client published one workout per day, accompanied by weekly challenges to maintain consistent audience engagement.


Results and Impact


Before Hyperhuman

After Hyperhuman

Lead Conversion Rate



(60% increase)

Customer Retention



(28% increase)

Customer Satisfaction




(18% increase)




(26% increase)

  1. Lead Conversion Rate:

Before adopting Hyperhuman, the client’s lead conversion rate stood at 7%. After 3 months of implementing the platform, their lead conversion rate increased to 10%, representing a 60% improvement.This growth can be attributed to the announcement of personalized programs and the engaging social media creatives generated through Hyperhuman.

2. Customer Retention:

Customer retention is a crucial factor for any gym chain. Before integrating Hyperhuman, the client’s customer retention rate was at 55%. After 3 months, the implementation of the platform led to a 28% increase, with 70% of customers renewing their subscriptions or repurchasing services. The personalized and varied workout programs offered through Hyperhuman played a significant role in driving customer loyalty and retention.

3. Customer Satisfaction:

The client’s initial customer satisfaction rating was 7.6/10. However, after adopting Hyperhuman, customer satisfaction improved to 9/10, representing a 18% increase and bridging the gap between Passives and Promoters in their NPS score.

4. Revenue:

With increased lead conversions, customer engagement, retention, and satisfaction, the client experienced a substantial revenue boost. Before Hyperhuman, their average monthly revenue was $420,000. After 3 months, the revenue increased to approximately $528,000, reflecting a significant growth of around 26%.



The stakes were raised due to the customer shift towards exceptional digital experiences following the pandemic. The expectations from service providers have become increasingly high, making fresh and relevant content crucial for business success.

With the power of its AI technology, Hyperhuman offers an affordable solution to accelerate time to market and provides the necessary tools to compete with even the largest tech giants in the digital space.

The client not only achieved their retention and new business goals but exceeded their revenue targets by a significant margin in the three months following the content strategy overhaul.