For personal trainers looking to branch out into the online workout space, the issue of gaining online clients has proved to be a significant hurdle. This article will run through the best ways to increase your online fitness client roster and how to determine the ideal client profile for your online fitness training business.

How Can I Get More Clients?

Many fitness trainers assume that the way to garner clients through online training is significantly different and more challenging than it is for traditional face-to-face sessions. However, most of the same techniques work in the online space. PTs shouldn’t forget what made their in-person business tick, as it can dictate the best methods for conducting their online work.

Become a Human Bullhorn & Ask Others to Do the Same

We want to develop loyal clients that are more likely to share your business and services with othersHealth and fitness are hugely personal parts of our lives. Therefore, there is a much more significant trust barrier with fitness services than there may be with other industries. Compound this with general skepticism for online workout routines, which are often limited to cookie-cutter fitness content, and it becomes difficult to gain new clients without loyal existing ones.

If existing clients tell their friends and family about how well your online workouts improve their fitness and well-being, you’re more likely to gain new clients who are fully committed from the start. For this reason, creating a loyal client base is essential to growth. It’s worth the investment of time and energy to provide an excellent personal experience to all your clients.

It’s also helpful to ask your existing clients for referrals. This is much easier with in-person sessions, but it’s still possible to reach out to your online clients via email or text. Don’t be afraid to ask your trainees whether they know someone looking for personal training — you’re bound to score a few leads. Many clients will feel honored that you asked.

Offer a Free Trial

Offering a free trial or “teaser” workout is a great way to show folks exactly what your services can offer them and what they’re committing to. We find that using online workout videos for the free trial makes it easy for you and the client to get started together.

Simply share a workout suitable for their goals, and your prospective client will be able to benefit from your services without you lifting more than a finger. With lots of personal trainers flooding the online-sphere, it can be challenging to stand out (more on this in an upcoming blog post). Having a zero-commitment free trial gives your business the upper hand with consumers looking for a new fitness trainer.

Properly Utilize Social Media

One crucial element of any online business is using social media to encourage engagement and bring value to current and prospective clients. Successful PTs use their social media presence to stay connected with their existing clients and spread their knowledge.

The first step to social media success is to build a page. In fact, with Hyperhuman, we set each trainer up with a profile page that allows you to entice prospective clients with your signature workouts. An added benefit of Hyperhuman is social media friendly, fully customizable digital assets with trainer tips and inspirational nuggets ready to share on all your channels. This is yet another business building perk you will receive with your membership.

Portals like Facebook are great for connecting with an older demographic, while apps like Instagram are better for a younger audience. Share little known secrets of fitness success to attract new customers and show results you’ve led others into to get them dreaming about what’s possible for them. Many are skeptical of claims about unrealistic results, so make sure all your claims are truthful and accurate.

What’s the Best Client Profile for Online Training?

Next, it’s time for marketing your product. This can be done through newspaper or article ads, but many personal trainers turn to online advertising through Google Ads and Facebook ads to spread the word. Moreover, you can run specialized Instagram ads to appear in the feeds of users who fit your ideal client profile or even purchase sponsored ads and stories on Snapchat to reach the younger crowd. The key to success in online advertising is to develop a client profile.

A client profile is part of a sales strategy based on a representation of your target audience. Market research into the fitness industry and your existing clientele is crucial in understanding what type of person uses your service.

The ideal client profile should be developed by interviewing current and past clients and understanding their goals when using your services. Your objective is to create a semi-fictional character who represents your most lucrative clients.

In personal training, it’s essential to understand which fitness goal is most suited to your training and skill set. Clients often know what they’re looking for, and you can tailor specific advertisements to these goals and more:

  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Building
  • General Fitness
  • Performance/Sports Specific
  • Physique/Toning
  • Body Sculpting
  • Rehabilitation/Physical Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Stretching

The Hyperhuman app allows you to either loop the video content for active exercises or choose no loop for static movements such as stretching and related exercises. These fitness goals are usually tied closely with demographics. So through your research, you should be able to find some consistent key indicators of which types of people would be most interested in your services based on their goals and demographics.

Those interested in performance or physique work are perfectly suited to fully online training. Beginners who don’t yet have a ton of foundational fitness knowledge and are aiming for more general training like fat loss or overall fitness can also benefit from Hyperhuman’s intuitive app. This is because some beginners can lack the motivation and skills to exercise safely. Defining the key demographics of your ideal client and running advertisements catered to these traits can ease your sales process.

When it comes to training clients, there are many schools of thought concerning the type of training you offer. Whether you’re old school and follow a “back to the basics” modality or are more of a cutting edge trainer who likes to create new & exciting training routines, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with clients whose interests match your style.

The beauty of the Hyperhuman platform is you can get super creative and create a unique identity that stands out from the competition with on-demand workouts that cater to your client’s goals.

How Can Hyperhuman Help?

Hyperhuman is the most versatile platform to build an online fitness training business — much more than just connecting clients and trainers to online content. Quickly taking the fitness world by storm, this AI-driven app turns your workout recordings into a massive library of studio-quality reusable video workouts for your clients.

Using Hyperhuman, you can create many awesome workouts and acquire several clients in the time it would take you to train just one client, as creating a fully customized workout typically takes 5–8 minutes with Hyperhuman.

All you’ll have to do is record 2–3 reps of each exercise, and the app will “auto-edit” those exercises into a beautiful high-end video workout. No need to stop and start the camera each time or spend endless hours editing.

In your bank of individual exercises, you can tailor workouts to a specific type of client, making a Hyperhuman-powered service offering highly personalizable. You can use your ideal client profile to tailor free trials and demo video workouts to new customers.

Additionally, Hyperhuman’s featured trainer page motivates trainers to develop compelling content that attracts maximum views without any additional effort on your part. The Hyperhuman algorithm finds the best performing content on the platform and features it in our showcase of “Trending Workouts.” Our upcoming gamification component will award badges that make you stand out among the competition and help you gain and retain even more clients.

You can also gather feedback from existing clients straight through the Hyperhuman Club app and view workout analytics. This helps you analyze what’s working in your business, what needs improvement, and ultimately which type of client is most profitable for you.

Head over to today to transform & monetize your video workouts and hyper-scale your client roster faster and more affordably than just about anything else out there.

Keep going!