Hyperhuman, a health and fitness content creation and monetization platform, is one of the best ways for personal trainers, physical therapists, yoga instructors and more to embrace and promote their online content offerings. With the most recently released features, the platform now helps you, even more, to complement your offering with online fitness training.

Here’s how Hyperhuman’s latest updates make it easier than ever to promote and scale your services.

Public profile

Public Profiles

Let’s get you on the map! With the release of Hyperhuman’s public profiles, you can easily promote your services and get new clients fast, sometimes without even seeking them. In the Hyperhuman Studio app, you can customize your public page with a profile picture and add a short description for clients to know what you’re all about.

You can easily add tags to describe the fitness specializations you’re an expert in. For example, martial arts, HIIT or resistance band experts can add these labels to their public profile. Those tags cause them to appear in search results when trainees filter workouts by those specializations in their Hyperhuman Club app.

Secondly, your profile is home to your public workouts. These are sample workouts available to all Hyperhuman Club app users, even those that aren’t your clients. This helps potential clients get a taste of your services as a demo, which makes them far more likely to take a leap of faith and hire you as their trainer to access your private, personalised workouts. These also help narrow your client base to your preferred niche, as these free public workouts can help attract a segmented audience.

These public profiles are also a great way to independently promote your fitness routines. With the help of Hyperhuman’s increasingly intuitive AI, you can quickly build your unique brand identity directly through your public page and stand out as a leader in fitness innovation.

The profile is easily shareable with potential clients, including using social media to allow your audience to sample your content and services before committing. This dramatically increases your conversion rates, making marketing your online workouts far more successful.

These public profiles can be viewed on any device, whether it be a smartphone, tablet, laptop,desktop computer, or even cast onto a tv or smart device with a simple tap. This offers great potential for promoting your work!

Audio Messages

You can now add personalised audio messages to workouts to maintain your personal touch with clients. These can be added as intros and outros to your video workouts. Currently, these audio messages are text-to-speech. This allows trainers to type out messages to be automatically played at the beginning or end of workouts.

This audio guidance could be messages of encouragement or even safety cues and reminders for clients who struggle with their workout techniques or have unique needs. This helps create a more personalised experience, increasing your client satisfaction.

To reduce the nervousness that can come with live filming, the ability to pre-plan and write out these messages alleviates pressure and helps you craft content more precisely so you confidently deliver a clear message. These messages can be written after the workout has been recorded and generated, which saves time, as it removes the need to re-record segments of your routine.

Soon, Hyperhuman plans on allowing trainers to optionally clone their own voice to replace the app’s default. This will create the most exclusive, optimized experience for clients who prefer stronger personalization. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on this feature!

Trending Workouts

One added benefit of Hyperhuman is the trending workouts section on their site and app homepages, which increases your potential to be discovered outside of your typical marketing channels.

Hyperhuman’s AI regularly populates the highest performing workouts to showcase to the app’s global audience. Your clients’ post-workout rankings, such as the number of views, times started vs. finished, difficulty level, and overall feeling could potentially land you a massive boost in traffic and impressions through the Trending Workouts feature.

James Villepigue: My Hyperhuman Experience

As an international bestselling fitness author and celebrity fitness trainer with 30+ years of experience, I’ve seen it all, but find Hyperhuman to be truly revolutionary. In the earlier stages of my career, I owned a 1500 square foot boutique studio gym, located in beautiful Oyster Bay, NY. And since then, I’ve honed my craft, building fitness communities and reaching as many people as possible, millions, through my gyms and my books.

Over my three-decade career, I’ve built a thriving fitness brand by building an impeccable brand identity and using clever marketing strategies to grow my business. I’m always interested in helping trainers efficiently balance their efforts vs. earnings.

Hyperhuman is the most versatile platform I’ve ever come across to build a lucrative online fitness training business. The app allows personal trainers to deliver exclusive personal fitness training experiences to their clients with minimal effort. Since creating a fully customised workout takes only 5–8 minutes with Hyperhuman, you can create multiple highly engaging workouts and scale your operations faster than ever before.

Hyperhuman provides all the necessary tools to easily share social-optimized content with clients and other professionals. The public profile feature helps you build a solid, professional reputation and online persona.

Now, with Hyperhuman’s brand-building tools, trainers at any level of technical or fitness expertise can do exactly what I did and build a robust brand identity and gain an ever-growing roster of loyal clients. Are you getting excited about starting your Hyperhuman journey?

Head over to Hyperhuman.cc and have your first studio-quality video workout ready in mere minutes. The Hyperhuman Studio app is free to help you get started immediately, and is affordable if you scale to the point of needing our Pro version for unlimited clients and workouts.

The process for creating video workouts couldn’t be simpler. Record your key moves in and let the Hyperhuman AI analyse and break up your routines into professionally produced masterpieces. The app will automatically recognize, name and tag each exercise in your workout, then split them into individual videos.

All you have to do is shoot 2–3 reps and pause briefly between distinct exercises. Then you can add any combination of the reusable exercise clips to a customised workout, complete with rests between exercises. The app will automatically loop and replay the clip to match the number of reps you specify for that client. Using Studio drastically cuts down the time it takes to create online video workouts from hours down to minutes and can help you earn some serious cash doing what you love.

These workouts can be shared very easily with existing clients or discovered by Hyperhuman’s vast client base directly through the free Hyperhuman Club app. Re-use and re-purpose previously recorded videos to craft custom workouts catered to the needs and goals of specific clients in seconds.

To see the magic in action and start wowing your clients today, head over to hyperhuman.cc.