We are extremely pleased to announce the closing of our first round of investment led by Early Game Ventures, joined by Sparking Capital and Simple Capital. This investment will help us develop our AI-powered platform and redefine how fitness content is produced, personalised and monetised.

There are a lot of fitness hardware & software products rising in this new “train anytime & anywhere” paradigm and this creates a huge demand for fitness content. But quality content is still difficult and expensive to produce. It impacts most of the fitness products and services as lack of diversity and personalisation ultimately leads to losing customers.

Flavius, Karate World Champion and Personal Trainer testing the technology

We solve this problem using our proprietary video AI technology. Trainers record short videos with the key moves and the AI engine does all the heavy lifting for them. It extracts key insights and metadata from the videos and turns them into reusable blocks of content, removing the complex process of video production and editing.

As a result, trainers are able to create studio-quality video workouts in less than 10 minutes for their clients and social media followers.

Hyperhuman App
Hyperhuman App

We really want to help trainers succeed so our promise is to always have a free version of our product. Our goal is to become the go-to product for fitness trainers and a key player in the global fitness industry. This investment will help us build and extend our proprietary video AI technology, launch the product and acquire a critical mass of users. — Bogdan, Co-founder & CEO Hyperhuman

The app is currently in private beta for a selected group of trainers, but any trainer can join our waiting list and get early access on our website hyperhuman.cc. Follow us on social media for more tips and updates.

Happy workouts!