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Becoming a personal fitness trainer is an incredibly rewarding career path for those who love helping others keep fit, look their best and stay healthy. But for a lot of us, it can be challenging to gain a solid revenue stream as a fitness trainer without working with high-value clients or working 40 to 50 hour weeks.

That’s why, tragically, a lot of trainers are dropping out of the grind they love. It’s not easy to fit our lives around our clients, working hard to keep them engaged to achieve outstanding results and still not making enough money even to get by.

Now, in the Covid-age where some people are unwilling to attend in-person sessions at the gym, and there are those still shielding from the virus, video workouts have never been more critical.

So, what’s the solution? Take advantage of Hyperhuman, a free workout video creation and distribution app perfectly tailored to offering personal workout routines for your clients.

Here are 6 ways how using Hyperhuman will blow up your fitness training career and increase your revenue.

Hyperhuman Studio app
Hyperhuman Studio app

1. Create reusable studio-quality workout videos with a tap

Hyperhuman lets you record moves and save them to a library of your bespoke video workouts. All the tools you need to create almost instant engaging interactive video workouts are available in the Hyperhuman Studio app.

To get started, simply record yourself doing a workout. The app uses AI recognition to split the video into sections and auto-edits your content into the perfect personalized training blocks.

Once you’ve recorded your moves and allow the app to produce the final workout video quickly, share it directly with your clients using the Hyperhuman Club appNot only can you clone these workouts and send them to multiple clients, but you can also refer back to your library of moves and create custom workouts using pre-recorded footage and movements.

As a result, you can create custom catered workouts for each client without any extra work or time spent recording a new video.

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2. Monetize custom video workouts using advanced technology

Without services like Hyperhuman, some personal trainers have turned to Youtube to upload their video workouts. The issue with open services like Youtube and Facebook is that it’s difficult to customize and monetize your videos.

Using the Hyperhuman Studio app, you control who has access to your workouts and directly share them with specific clients. This opens up an excellent monetization stream as Clients can pay for video workouts tailored to them.

Hyperhuman Club app
Hyperhuman Club app

3. Add a personal touch to your workout

Hyperhuman allows you to easily tweak workouts in response to your client’s feedback and progress.

If one of your customers finds one of your routines too tricky, you can swap out moves in a couple of taps and use your exercise library to alter the fitness plan.

You can record custom moves for high-profile clients to create a more personalized workout plan.

4. Work for yourself

A key advantage of creating video workouts using Hyperhuman is that personal trainers can work for themselves. If you’re working for someone else and you know you can do better on your own, get out of there and do it alone.

With Hyperhuman, you’re no longer tied down to a physical location, and you can reach clients without working with a gym manager and letting them take a cut of your fees.

Without being tied down by obligations and contracts, you will be free to scale your business however you choose and reach many more clients.

If discoverability is an issue, we recommend turning to social media groups or asking for word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and colleagues. We’ve found that offering potential clients a free sample workout on Hyperhuman Club works wonderfully to get them on board.

The Hyperhuman app was created for personal trainers with zero video creation experience, so you can quickly get started. Place your phone on a tripod and begin working out in front of the camera. It’s that simple.

The old way of making video workouts involves expensive camera equipment, professional video editors, and lots of time wasted. With Hyperhuman, the smart AI-powered app can do it all for you. All you need is a smartphone.

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5. Branch out from your local area/comfort zone

Creating video workouts allows you to add a degree of location redundancy to your fitness work. No longer will you be limited by your local area to find clients, and you can reach customers previously unattainable with in-person sessions.

Shifting your demographics is crucial for maximizing your income, as your premium and customizable workouts can reach wealthier clients far from home.

Video workouts made with Hyperhuman don’t require your clients to travel and attend the physical location, making your services so much more convenient. You’ll diversify your client base by using the same app for beginners who need extra help or skilled busy professionals.

6. Turn your active income into a massive payday

Ultimately, gaining a consistently growing income stream is how to level up your fitness career while also releasing time in your week to do what you want.

Traditional fitness training is an active income career. You are trading your hours for money: running classes, giving one-to-one sessions, and preparing paper workouts for each client.

While this is fine for starting, active careers have two main disadvantages:

  • There is a physical limit on the amount of work you can do as there are only so many hours in a week. This limits the number of clients you can take on and eventually presents an income barrier where you’re limiting your earnings
  • Unnecessary work can often lead to burnout as you’re trading your much-needed downtime and rest periods for extra income. The new era of fitness trainers has much better job satisfaction and a much better work-life balance

Therefore, we want to set up a business to earn money and help clients without working extra hours or turning away existing customers.

As Hyperhuman allows you to reuse workouts and craft new ones from existing footage, by using this app, you’ll be cutting down on your time worked while also increasing your client capacity.

Imagine delivering workout plans to tens or even hundreds of customers a day from the comfort of your home. Stop trading hours of your life for $100s and start trading minutes for $1000s. All of this can quickly become your reality using the Hyperhuman Studio app.

Learn more about the amazing features of our apps on or install the Hyperhuman Studio and Hyperhuman Club mobile apps for free now to give them a try.

Happy workouts!