The fitness world has dramatically changed after Covid lockdowns along with people’s behavior and their attitude toward a healthy lifestyle.

Did you know that:

  • 56% of people admitted negative feelings about going back to the gym post covid (27% worried, 31% nervous)
  • 10% of people have stopped exercising after covid, a big opportunity for online training
  • the number of health clubs in the USA has decreased from 41370 in 2019 to 32269 in 2021

People are looking for hybrid health offers and packages where they can mix the physical activity in a fitness studio together with some online classes that they can take whenever they want, either at home, when they travel or even at their offices.

If only there was a tool that let you easily produce and distribute a large number of video workouts for the member of your health&fitness organization…

We are proud to introduce Hyperhuman Studio for teams, a complete SaaS solution to manage the video content production of your team of fitness experts and unlock new business opportunities for your organization by easily transforming your long-form content into bite-sized, shareable video workouts.

Building on the experience we gained with working with thousands of international independent personal trainers in the past years, we created this new product that enables gym owners, fitness studio managers, physio center directors and many more to build a full new digital or hybrid business in a matter of hours. No tech skills needed, no complicated video editing tools required, our AI-based technology is the foundation of this product and will do the heavy lifting work for you and your team.

Starting with Studio for Teams is easy:

  1. Create an account at using the details of your organization
  2. Enter your team area and start to invite the members of your team who will create the video for the members/clients of your organization
  3. They will receive an invite to download the Hyperhuman Studio app, the heart and soul of our service
  4. In the app, they can upload or record videos. Once our AI does its magic, your trainers will be able to use those beautiful and professionally edited video exercises as the blocks to build a workout. Your team will be also able to use and reuse each other’s exercises to create a large library of workouts in just a few days
  5. Share the workouts with your trainees on whatever platform you prefer (on your website, on social media, using our Club app or directly in your own app)

Studio for Teams gives you plenty of added values:

  • it lets you create an online on-demand video fitness business in just hours without any upfront fixed cost thanks to our AI automation process
  • it boosts your client engagement by enabling you to offer your clients and members a more diversified and personalized on-demand video content
  • it increases your revenue with the option to sell or upsell additional services and subscription tiers to your existing clients
  • it future-proofs your business by avoiding possible restrictions that might damage your traditional business

Unlike others, we offer all this value without limitations, and with a very simple pricing structure for our subscription that starts at just $99/mo.

  • We let you charge end users the way you want, no cut or percentage for us
  • We allow you to create unlimited workouts and host them for you at no additional cost
  • You can have unlimited users taking classes, the price doesn’t change

Planning to produce a higher volume of video workouts? Want to create a seamless workflow to constantly feed content to your app and/or website? Don’t worry we got you covered with our API based solution for large organizations.

When it comes to fitness video content creation at scale, Hyperhuman Studio is the solution.
Take your health and fitness organization to the next level, and grow your digital business with us.

Get start with Hyperhuman for Teams.