They say challenges are opportunities in disguise and this is exactly how you, as a fitness trainer, should look at the current lockdown situation caused by the pandemic. You might miss your coaching sessions at the gym, but think about the whole world of opportunities that is now open for you.

With online workouts, you get the chance to present your awesome self and your life changing workouts to a whole new group of people waiting for their personalized training program from you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Adapt your exercises

Keep in mind that your clients don’t have access to the same equipment at home as they had at the gym. This is an opportunity to include everyday objects from around the house in your workout routines.

Be creative and improvise! Many people who didn’t have the time to go to a gym or who didn’t have access to specialized equipment will now be able to follow your exercises and become your online clients. You can even convert the most inactive people by showing them what to do in a consistent, fun and structured way.

2. Pay attention to details

The absence of real time face-to-face interaction with your clients takes away the possibility for you to correct the client’s exercise execution, but online workout videos offer you a great alternative. People watching your workouts can now pause the video whenever they need and check your posture thoroughly as many times as they want. Make sure to explain the correct execution in detail and to record yourself from the right angles. Your timing and the way you are explaining it makes all the difference and sets you apart from other coaches.

Also, you can bring to your clients’ attention the most common execution mistakes you’ve noticed in the past, so they are aware of them from the beginning and avoid making those mistakes themselves.

3. Keep your clients engaged

Motivate your clients and keep them engaged by designing workout plans that are variedinteresting and that take your clients on a progressive path towards their fitness goals. This way, they will be looking forward to the next workout instead of dreading the upcoming training sessions. Depending on your audience, you can even spice up your videos by featuring fun guests, such as a pet or your kid.

What you get in return

Reach more fitness clients

One of the greatest advantages of taking your work to the online environment is that you are now able to reach clients that are outside your immediate geographic area by coaching them from the comfort and safety of your home.

To make it even easier, we’ve built Hyperhuman which helps you every step of the way so you end up with studio quality workout videos in minutes. From finding the best setup, to choosing the right voiceover tone in your recordings and sharing your video on social media platforms, we’ve got your back throughout the whole journey. It’s all fun and easy!

Have a better life balance

Coaching through online workouts gives you a flexible lifestyle: you save time and effort, you can work from the comfort of your home and reach multiple new clients with the power of social media platforms. Just think about how great it would be to have the time to look back at your workouts and improve them or simply take the time to work on your next great workout instead of feeling tired at the end of your work day.