We know what you are thinking during these times as a fitness trainer: How do I overcome the challenges of not being able to interact with my clients in real life? Don’t worry, you can easily compensate for the lack of face to face interaction with the endless possibilities offered by the latest technology.

Most of us moved our activity to the virtual environment and we handle our projects remotely. The shift from offline training sessions to online workouts can go smoothly if you follow a few easy tips:

1. Smart scheduling

Now that you moved your workouts online, you also need to keep a virtual track of your activity. You can create your own organizational system or you can use one of the many apps dedicated to easily manage your clients and your appointments. Whichever method you decide to use, make sure to keep an updated calendar with your session bookings and, ideally, share the open slots with your clients so they can choose the best time for their assisted workouts.

2. Client management

Try to group your clients based on their goals or fitness level. You can easily prepare similar workouts for people who need the same routine or even decide to schedule virtual group workouts if your clients are open to it. When recording your workouts, remember to use the power of artificial intelligence. With the Hyperhuman app, you save precious time and effort by only recording a few movements from the routine. The app takes care of the rest and puts all the pieces together according to your needs. You can find some useful tips on how to record your workouts effortlessly here.

3. Real time interaction

Real time interaction through video calls is important to catch up with your clients and exchange some thoughts that don’t transpire through chat or recorded workouts. By assessing the general disposition of your clients you will be able to prepare the appropriate workouts for each client and take them on the right path towards evolution and goal achievement! Touch base with your clients whenever necessary and as often as they need it, even if it’s only for a few minutes. It makes a whole lot of a difference and maintains the feel of truly personalized coaching experience.

4. Asynchronous communication

While real time interaction is important, asynchronous communication is necessary as well. We are talking about chatting, texting, messaging, emailing etc. Keep a communication channel open so clients can address you any non-urgent questions or concerns. You can then answer them in your own time instead of being permanently “on call”. This way you get to organize your work day better and pick a specific timeframe in your schedule for replying to messages.

5. Priority assessment

All of your clients are important, but they might have different priorities and expectations from your service. Some people prefer to be more autonomous and don’t like real time workout sessions with their trainers. Others need constant care and motivation, and are seeking to stay in touch with you as much as possible. Determine what your clients need from you and create a personalized experience for each of them, not only regarding the workouts you prepare, but also the communication strategy you apply to each individual.

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