Hyperhuman Supports Gyms to Create More Video Content with this New Challenge. Rewards Are Guaranteed.

Looking to expand your gym business? We might have an idea. Not only does it have no costs but you get paid for creating video content and promoting it to gain new customers.

Hyperhuman helps teams produce, promote and distribute video content at scale. Discover more about the challenges we launched and what Hyperhuman can do for your business in the article below.

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Is your gym joining the contest?

Did you know that close to 80% of businesses similar to yours are making it big online and boosting their revenues by offering digital or hybrid training services to their clients?

Hyperhuman wants you to be a part of this! 

We’re thrilled to share this unique opportunity for new clients of our recently launched Hyperhuman for Teams. 

We reimburse your subscription and reward you with $1,000 for trying out our product and creating quality content.

Why do we do this? 

Because it’s a win-win for your team and for Hyperhuman. The 10 lucky teams part of this campaign can use their newly created content to acquire clients and grow their online business and we can use their content to promote our product.

How this promotion works

Joining the campaign and getting $1,300 is super easy:

  1. First, you got to go to team.hyperhuman.cc and create your team account;
  2. In order to start creating, choose the special 3 months subscription for only $299;
  3. Create at least 30 quality workouts over the course of your 3 months subscription;
  4. You’ll get your $299 subscription fully reimbursed plus $1000 on top.
So get started today, remember we only have 10 seats available in this campaign. 💪

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Read the rules and video acceptance criteria

Your workouts need to hit the following minimum thresholds in order to count as valid and get the reward: 

  • Each workout must be at least 15 minutes long
  • Each exercise in the workout must have audio guidance
  • Each exercise in the workout has naming, muscle groups, and equipment set (if required)
  • Each workout has at least 6 different types of exercise
  • Each workout must contain at least 50% new and original content compared to the all the other ones already submitted
  • Overall shooting and audio quality should be good (good lighting, stable recording, framing the trainer without cutting him/her, professional background, content should not contain obscenity and any type of illegal, political, racist and offending statement)

Read the full campaign rules here.

Example of a quality video workout created on Hyperhuman

What is Hyperhuman for Teams?

Hyperhuman helps you turn your organization into a digital powerhouse by providing a constant stream of on-demand video content to your audiences.

Gyms, sports clubs, physiotherapy, and yoga studios are now able to onboard their own creators to produce and share video workouts in minutes with no tech or video editing skills.

Hyperhuman for Teams provides a creators management module and shared content libraries that enable a true omnichannel experience for all of your clients.

How can Hyperhuman boost your business?

Forget about finding the right background, waiting for the sunny days, or the perfect time if the day to shoot your content. Forget about spending hours on filming just to have one video workout. Forget about paying for special equipment, shooting crews, or complex video editing tools.

You are now able to do all this with your team in no time with the power of AI. Producing a quality video workout now literally takes a few minutes on your smartphone.

Hyperhuman benefits for your gym or studio

  1. Your business becomes more visible – quickly transform your gym classes into an exercise video library. When we say quickly, we mean hours, not months.
  2. You automate the creating process for your team – your trainers can create full-length videos in minutes and use the rest of the time to do what they’re supposed to: train your customers.
  3. You earn more money – with Hyperhuman for Teams, you open a whole new dimension to scale your revenue by training a lot more clients in a lot less time without needing to physically expand.
  4. You build a safe business – having everything recorded and set in place will help you avoid restrictions and unpredictability.

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Why Hyperhuman is a great fit for your gym?

1. Collaborate to create new content

Let your team of experts collaborate to create new content for your business. Team members can collaborate by creating complementary workouts,  exercises, and routines based on their expertise.

These workouts can then be immediately made available and sold to your clients.

2. Team Admin Dashboard

Review how your team of health & fitness experts performs and what type of content they created so you can guide them along. Get a snapshot of your content inventory and how your clients enjoy it using the Team Admin Dashboard.

3. Free mobile app for your clients

Create in Hyperhuman Studio for Teams and let your clients enjoy a world-class training experience on the completely free Club app

📍 Find all the Hyperhuman for Teams functionalities here.

Are you ready to grow your business?

We strongly believe that Hyperhuman is the right platform for your team to grow its digital or hybrid fitness business. Easily create, instantly deliver.

Is your team ready? 🙌  Signup or login to Hyperhuman for Teams and earn your reward. We cannot wait to see your business go live!

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