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Mishaps from the fitness world

They say it’s inherently human to make mistakes and the fitness coaching business is not immune to this either. We learn through trial and error, so mistakes can actually be good for us. But it’s always better to learn from other people’s mistakes than experiencing them on your own. Let other trainers be humans and feature in funny videos like the ones below while you become a professional hyperhuman respected by your many clients.

1. The curious pet

We all know it: when a cat or a dog is in the picture, no one can focus on anything else any more. They are instant attention grabbers. As cute as they may be, you don’t want your pets to become the stars of your video workouts.

Your clients can watch comedians for entertainment, so you don’t have to fulfil that role. You need your clients focused on you and on the workout routine you have prepared for them.

2. The cheeky child

Similar to pets, kids tend to steal the show very easily. You don’t want a crying baby interrupting your video workout just when you nailed that perfect headstand pose to show to your clients. Or a cheeky toddler running away with your phone around the house in the middle of the routine.

You can prevent these faux pas by recording a few reps of each exercise when you have the room for yourself. Then, you can simply rely on the power of AI in our Hyperhuman app to put together future video workouts using previous footage.

Instead of crying babies disturbing your videos, the only cry will be that of your clients’ sore muscles at the end of a good workout.

3. The exhausted trainer

Even experienced trainers get tired and that’s ok. But your clients don’t necessarily need to know that. Be their hero all the way by adding some tricks up your sleeve. How about a magical app that does most of the work for you? Team up with the latest technology in the Hyperhuman app so you don’t have to actually repeat all the exercises in all your video workouts. You gain more time for you to rest and improve your business.

4. The unexpected bodily function

Oops, did this ever happen to you during a workout? Sometimes the body simply wants to go on its own and interrupt your routine without your knowledge or permission. Well, after the shameful feeling (and everything else) fades away, your clients will probably forget about the event. Probably not, but let’s be hopeful.

Imagine it could be worse if your clients were right there in the room with you. Think about it as another advantage of online video workouts over offline sessions with your clients.

5. The involuntary news anchor

Yes, you want your video workouts to go viral, but not for the wrong reasons. We all know this example of a blissfully unaware trainer who recorded her routine during a military coup. There are also cases of funny accidents with birds flying into windows at the back of trainers.

Preferably, no major event should unfold in the background of your videos. The easiest way to make sure you’re safe is to simply stick to filming in front of a neutral wall.

6. The shabby tripod

If you are fumbling and mumbling with your recording equipment all the time, you might seem unprofessional to your clients. The same applies for bad lighting and other setup mistakes that are often made. This shouldn’t be your case though. In a previous blog post, we provided some easy tips & tricks to follow for a flawless video workout.

Also, keep in mind that with the Hyperhuman app all video content can be recorded with your own phone and then transformed into new customized workouts for your clients. No hustle and bustle!

We hope we managed to put a smile on your face with this small selection of don’ts. Stay away from similar mishaps and learn more about online video workouts by registering on our Hyperhuman website.