Fitness Trainers Wanted: Hyperhuman Challenges You to Get Paid for Creating Content

Fitness trainers, unite! Hyperhuman is launching a new challenge. The content creation platform built to empower fitness professionals is challenging you to establish an online presence and grow business through reusable video content.

Want to be part of this movement? Read all the details below.

Join the Hyperhuman challenge and win 💲

We believe in Hyperhuman’s fitness trainers so much that we came up with this crazy idea: to pay you to ramp up your online business.

Get rewarded for using Hyperhuman’s unique features by joining this campaign. We will reimburse your subscription and reward you with $300 for using our product and creating quality content.

And we have to admit: this is a win-win for you and for Hyperhuman. The 25 lucky users part of this campaign can use their newly created content to acquire clients and grow their online business and we can use their content to promote our product.

How this promotion works

Joining the campaign and getting $360 is super easy:

  1. First, you have to download or login to the Hyperhuman Studio app.
  2. Then, you need to start the special 3 months PRO subscription for only $59.
  3. This is the most important step: create at least 10 quality workouts over the course of your subscription.
  4. If you do so, you’ll get your $59 subscription fully reimbursed plus $300 on top. Guaranteed.
So get started today, remember we only have 25 seats available in this campaign. 💪

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Read the rules and video acceptance criteria

Your workouts need to hit the following minimum thresholds in order to count as valid and get the reward: 

  • Each workout must be at least 15 minutes long
  • Each exercise in the workout must have audio guidance
  • Each exercise in the workout has naming, muscle groups, and equipment set (if required)
  • Each workout has at least 6 different types of exercise
  • Each workout must contain at least 50% new and original content compared to the all the other ones already submitted
  • Overall shooting and audio quality should be good (good lighting, stable recording, framing the trainer without cutting him/her, professional background, content should not contain obscenity and any type of illegal, political, racist and offending statement)

Read the full campaign rules here.

Example of a quality video workout created on Hyperhuman

See what others have to say about Hyperhuman

We love our tool, but we’re not the ones to brag about it with no foundation. This is why we invited Courtney Stone-Moore to tell you more about why she’s using Hyperhuman and why you should join the challenge we’re just launching.

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Why choose Hyperhuman

Hyperhuman is your best friend when creating fitness video content fast and efficiently. To put it short: thousands of fitness professionals who use Hyperhuman are already creating and sharing full-length video workouts in minutes with no tech or video editing skills needed.

All this is possible with the power of video AI technology that removes the complexity and time needed to create quality workout videos. The videos you create are ready to be shared and consumed on any social media platform, website, or mobile app. This is what makes Hyperhuman truly unique and positions the tool as the go-to platform for health & fitness video content.

Hyperhuman benefits

  1. You become more visible – quickly build your own exercise video library. When we say quickly, we mean hours, not months.
  2. You automate the creating process – create full-length videos in minutes and use the rest of the time to do what you enjoy most: train yourself and others.
  3. You earn more money – with Hyperhuman, you open a whole new dimension to scale your revenue by training a lot more clients in a lot less time.
  4. You build a safe business – having everything recorded and set in place will help you avoid restrictions and unpredictability.

What can you do in Hyperhuman as a fitness trainer

1. Content production

Record exercises or upload your own videos. Add exercises details and audio guidance that works as text-to-speech. Then, create a new workout and customize it further by creating sets, supersets, HIIT, and circuits with the Exercise Groups functionality.

2. Content distribution

The workout videos you create can be exported as video files from workout details and then published on Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Tiktok, or your own website or app.

Or simply share the workout magic link that enables your audiences to enjoy a world-class experience.

3. Content promotion

Get your own presentation page in Hyperhuman to easily boost your online presence by showcasing your skills and your world-class content. 

Every time you create a workout you get an up-to-10-seconds-long video summary labeled as Preview. Share it on your social channels and get popular.

📍 Find all the Hyperhuman Studio functionalities here.

Over to you

We strongly believe that Hyperhuman Studio is the right app for you to grow your digital or hybrid fitness business. Our philosophy for content production and distribution is simple: easily create, instantly deliver. 

Ready to make a change? 🙌  Signup or login to the Hyperhuman Studio app and earn your reward. We cannot wait to see your workouts live!

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