Just like you are always trying to bring the best for your fitness clients, we here at Hyperhuman are constantly working on making your job as a trainer easier. We know that a big part of your job is to make your clients happy and this is not always easy.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back with the Hyperhuman Club app, a platform dedicated to your fitness clients, where they have access to all the video workouts you share with them.

With our app combo (Studio app for trainers and Club app for trainees), you and your fitness clients can work together online, which is a win-win situation. You get to become a more efficient and productive trainer by leveraging the power of our AI technology when creating your workouts, and your clients enjoy a seamless and professional workout experience.

Here are a few reasons why your fitness clients will love the Hyperhuman Club app:

Workout history tracking

After installing our free Hyperhuman Club app, the user can create a profile where they can keep track of their workout history and thus stay focused on the journey leading to success. As Club users, your clients have full control of their list of workouts, adding or deleting them as they wish.

World-class video training experience

All trainees want a seamless workout experience, right? That’s easier said than done. We know that many people out there struggle to follow the workout instructions they received via text messages, notes they took after talking to their trainer or by following Youtube videos without context. Plus, after starting a video workout, trainees might realize that they need certain equipment they were not aware of beforehand.

Within the Hyperhuman Club app, your clients receive workout videos with full instructions. Plus, required equipment, such as elastic bands, dumbbells or kettlebells, is listed at the beginning, so they know from the start what they need. Your clients can also see clearly how many repetitions you assigned them to do for each exercise and when to take a break. All clear and very easy to follow.

Mirroring on any screen

Comfort is key when keeping up with a workout routine. Your clients want to focus on the exercises, not on solving technical issues or constantly adjusting their environment to be able to follow the workout.

With Hyperhuman Club, trainees can turn their phones to landscape mode while training and enjoy a top workout experience. They can also mirror the video on a TV or other big screen of their preference. This way, your clients get to train like pros anywhere they feel comfortable.

Time is on your side

Hyperhuman helps you bring more value to your trainees and facilitates the trainer-client relationship. Through the asynchronous communication our apps provide, you can interact with your clients anytime, anywhere, so they have no excuse to skip a workout.

You send them a video workout whenever you have time, they open it when they can; they send you feedback, you see it when you can. You no longer have to synchronize your schedules all the time.

Of course, depending on the type of fitness classes you provide and depending on your clients’ profile, the in-person or at least real-time virtual interaction is essential and should complement other types of communication.


Even if you’re not physically by their side, your clients can send you feedback right away after finishing a workout you created for them. This is another awesome feature you get to offer to your clients who use the Hyperhuman Club app.

They can send a selfie, rate and leave feedback on the video workouts they performed, mentioning what they would like you to focus on more and where you can improve in the future.

We believe in the added value of the latest technology when it comes to achieving the best workout experience. Hyperhuman enables trainers like you to expand online and earn more money by creating high-quality video content in minutes.

Also, we give fitness fans from all over the world the chance to enjoy personalized premium content anytime and anywhere. Yes, we help you harmonize the relationship with your clients, but nothing will ever replace your human approach, your expertise and your gut feeling as an experienced trainer. Your clients will always appreciate that.

With the right tools, you can bring your full potential forward. Add Hyperhuman to your toolkit and tell your clients to install Hyperhuman Club app for free, so they can open and follow the video workouts you shared with them from your Hyperhuman Studio app.

Happy workouts!