Los Angeles, CADunn Pellier Media, the renowned PR agency with a rich history of success in the health and fitness industry, is thrilled to announce a collaboration with Hyperhuman, the AI-powered platform dedicated to revolutionizing the health and fitness marketing landscape. This symbiotic union arises from a shared commitment to addressing the common challenges faced by brands in the ever-evolving health and fitness industry.

Dunn Pellier Media is the leading agency specializing in Health, Wellness, and Fitness Public Relations. Their unwavering commitment to media excellence and an impressive track record with fitness PR clients like Tony Horton from P90X, OrangeTheory Fitness, F45, and Les Mills make them the perfect partner to enhance your brand’s presence in the market.

In a marketplace filled with noise and competition, the power of a compelling top-line video cannot be overstated. Having professional content will amp up your brand visibility along with fostering a sense of trust, expertise and community in the health and fitness industry. Recognizing this, Dunn Pellier Media and Hyperhuman have joined forces, envisioning their partnership’s profound impact on existing and future clients in the health and fitness community.

At the helm of this game-changing initiative is Bogdan Predusca, the co-founder, CEO, and visionary behind Hyperhuman. Hyperhuman’s AI-powered platform is tailor-made for health and fitness clients, offering a versatile array of content options. From on-demand fitness videos and classes to promotional materials, follow-along workouts, motivational pieces, and invaluable health advice videos, Hyperhuman delivers a comprehensive solution to meet the unique needs of health and fitness brands.

“Through this collaboration, we are poised to enhance the experience for our clientele in the PR space, both present and future, while contributing to the evolution of the fitness industry as a whole. Welcome to a realm where technology and industry expertise converge, opening new doors for exposure, content creation, and community building in the health and fitness sector,” said Predusca.

This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone for Dunn Pellier Media and Hyperhuman. “By harnessing the power of AI and combining it with Dunn Pellier Media’s proven track record in health and fitness public relations, the collaboration promises to redefine health and fitness marketing strategies,” said Nicole Dunn, CEO of Dunn Pellier Media. “Together, we will provide clients with innovative solutions that deliver results and position them at the forefront of the fitness and health industry trends.”

Through this partnership, you can access tailored PR services at special rates that will not only elevate brand awareness and visibility but also boost sales and foster a thriving community around your fitness offerings. Dunn Pellier Media’s expertise spans traditional, broadcast, print, podcasts, and online media, ensuring that your brand receives the exposure it deserves.

Dunn Pellier Media and Hyperhuman invite the health and fitness community to stay tuned for exciting developments as they work together to shape the future of marketing in the industry. This collaboration aims to create a smooth blend of technology, expertise, and creativity to drive lasting impact and success for their clients. We believe in empowering health & fitness journeys, and with this partnership, we’re committed to making your brand’s story shine brighter than ever before.

Get ready to embark on a journey of unprecedented success for your fitness brand. We look forward to reaching new milestones together!

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About DPMDunn Pellier Media is a premier agency specializing in Fitness, Health and Wellness Public Relations. With a focus on brand development and exposure, Dunn Pellier Media is committed to delivering success through traditional, broadcast, print, podcasting and online media.

About HyperhumanHyperhuman is the leading AI-powered video platform made for the health & fitness industry. Hyperhuman leverages the latest in AI technology to automate the video production process and empowers businesses to deliver personalized, engaging content that boosts retention and drives positive health outcomes.