As the pandemic rages on, the use of video in the personal trainer and fitness space is ever-growing. With more and more gym-goers opting to work out at home, instructors are turning to video workout routines to reach more clients than ever.

While one-on-one personal training and quality fitness classes may never (never-say-never!) be truly replaced, there are a few reasons instructors like you may turn to video workouts:

1. It’s safer

The pandemic hasn’t left us just yet, and in some states and parts of the world, gyms are at limited capacity or are shut altogether. Training clients through video keeps you out of harm’s way.

2. You can reach new and diverse clients

By removing the geographical barrier to accessing your training routines, you can take on clients of all ages, backgrounds, and from anywhere in the world. Those who are too busy to attend classes or have one-on-one sessions can fit your workout videos around their schedules as they please.

3. You don’t have to limit how many clients you take on

As video workout routines don’t require your active hours, you aren’t limited by your own capacity. You can take on 100’s or even 1000’s of new clients — exorbitantly increasing your personal cash flow as an instructor.

4. It’s a great form of passive income

Once your videos are created, these workout routines become passive income. Many instructors continue to deliver in-person classes and use video workouts as a side hustle, and you can join them.
Hyperhuman has turned the tables, making it a primary income generator for many fitness trainers.

The Challenges

Of course, if it were easy, every instructor and personal trainer worth their salt would be creating video workouts. So, what’s stopping them? It takes time and expertise to craft professional-looking video content.

Traditional video workouts require good camera equipment and lighting, adding to the initial cost. In addition, you will need to invest in an editing program like Adobe Premiere Pro — and software like this doesn’t come cheap. It will take time to learn your way around a video editor, and the editing process takes some serious time. Alternatively, you could hire a video editor to work for you, albeit for a hefty cost.

Then, there’s the issue of delivery to clients. How do you let your customers view your video workouts while still monetizing your videos?

You could upload your video workout to a video-sharing website like YouTube and rely on advertisements to churn in some revenue for you. But this business model relies on your workouts getting hundreds of thousands or even millions of views before you’re making any sort of serious cash. Moreover, advertising revenue from YouTube can be too unstable to consistently provide a passive income. On YouTube, you’re competing with thousands of other fitness creators, and it’s pure luck whether you’ll be able to break through to get a large audience.

Your videos could be demonetized with ads removed and therefore no ad income seemingly at random. You’ll also be at the mercy of the YouTube algorithm, favouring regular upload schedules, taking more of your time up to sustain your online fitness career.

So, what’s the solution?

That’s quite a list of problems and could lead to the creation of video workouts being more of a headache than it’s worth. That’s where brand new AI-powered technology comes in. Introducing Hyperhuman.

Founded by European fitness tech legend Bogdan Predusca, Hyperhuman is an AI-driven app that turns your workout into reusable video fitness programs for your clients. Let’s explore how this handy app can take away the stress from video workout creation, while realistically transforming your fitness career in to the dream job you’ve always hoped for.

Step 1: Record your exercises

Grab your phone and download the free Hyperhuman Studio app from the App Store or Google Play Store. You can record your high-quality video straight from your smartphone. Use a tripod or get a family member or friend to point the phone towards you.

Ensuring you’re in a brightly lit room, record your workout. Then, run through your signature moves, including a few reps for each exercise. Once you’ve completed your workout, just hit the stop button to save the video.

Step 2: AI will analyze your moves

Once your video is recorded, the app will use its AI engine to analyze the workout video you just recorded. It will break down your video into the individual exercises and automatically detect the type of exercise you performed. If the app doesn’t get it 100% right, you can tweak the entries to ensure they’re correctly tagged.

Step 3: Create your workout

You will then have access to your bank of exercises for you to craft custom signature workouts for your clients. Select the moves you want to add, pick and order and let the app do the heavy work stitching the video together to create a complete workout.

Step 4: Your video workout will be ready to share

Once that’s complete, your video workout will be ready to share with your clients. Simply have your clients download the Hyperhuman Club app, and they’ll be able to view your video. The workout player allows your Client to tackle your workouts at their own pace, allowing them to preview all the exercises before starting. In addition, the player features a progress bar above your video, counting the time and reps of each stage of the workout.

You can share your workouts with a large number of Clients or craft unique workouts for individuals easily — the freedom is yours! It’s super simple to create custom fitness plans for VIP clients as your exercise moves are already saved and can be configured in any order. Hyperhuman Studio allows you to create a bank of your best activities, and you can easily reuse everything you record for new clients and refreshed workout plans.

Take the leap of faith

You don’t need fancy camera equipment; you don’t need to know how to edit videos, and you don’t need to worry about how you monetize your videos. You can easily share custom and powerful workouts with paying clients. With the power of AI-driven video, you can create full-length workouts in minutes, allowing you to relax while your Clients enjoy a stellar fitness experience through the ‘Club’ app.

AI video workouts help transform your service, ultimately providing an excellent passive income stream for any instructor or personal trainer looking to take on a new challenge.